Make Up Mirrors

The mirror is an inherent attribute of every woman. A morning encounter with a mirror during exposing female charms is an intimate celebration. It is the best moment for you, as a woman, to feel like a real star for a while. And if you are a man, make your partner happy - prepare for her a Hollywood style dressing table with an impressive make up mirror in the bedroom.

SOLED make up mirrors attempt to reflect class, elegance, and feminine beauty. Mirror design with lightbulbs was inspired by Hollywood make up rooms and theatre dressing rooms. LED lightbulbs with neutral-toned light are placed on the circumference and protrude above the surface of the mirror to illuminate the face and enable precise make up. Every mirror is manufactured with attention to detail, using modern LED technologies and high-quality materials.

We will manufacture a certified make up mirror with 3-year warranty to needed size. That is why you are certain, that you will receive a unique product. The one that was made only for you. For doing make up, we recommend LED lightbulbs with neutral white light (it bears the closest resemblance to daylight), which enables you to spot skin imperfections and correct them effectively.



LED stair lighting

LED stair lighting is not only a fashionable and impressive element of house arrangement. It ensures safety for you and your family, providing appropriate stair lighting.

LED ZOS stair lighting set will be created on your individual request. A LED set will be adjusted to the number of steps, their length, and the distance between them. You can choose the colour of LED lighting that goes best with the colour of your stairs (warm white, cold white or neutral white).

You can choose one of three models of silver or wood-like light fixtures. ZOS1 are standard fixtures which can be mounted even on finished stairs. ZOS2 are fixtures which can be hidden in a cut under the step. They are usually chosen by customers who have not finished the stairs. ZOS3 are angular light fixtures which are mounted in the corner between the step and the riser.

The intelligent controller is a significant element. It enables you to automatically switch the lighting on the stairs on and off. Apart from comfort, they ensure an interesting visual effect.



LED Illuminated mirrors

Bathroom LED illuminated mirrors have been designed to expose subtlety, charm, and feminine beauty every day.

We will carefully manufacture SOLED LED mirrors to needed size. You can choose the colour of the lighting (white warm or white cool) and your favourite lighting pattern. If you do not find an appropriate pattern among suggested ones, we, as the manufacturer, will attempt to fulfil your every wish. Illuminated mirror will look impressive on a dressing table in the bedroom, a beauty salon or changing rooms in a stylish boutique. It is recommended mainly as a bathroom mirror.

Designed mirror production method ensures perfect design, energy savings and excellent lighting. Bathroom mirrors made to size are prepared from selected components: glass pane of the highest quality and advanced LED technology. The use of double number of LED bands and appropriate construction ensures strong and uniform lighting of the pattern. Obtained certificates and a 3-year warranty confirm the quality.



Starry Sky

Fibre optic star ceiling is an imitation of the moments under the starry sky. The fibres will create in your apartment a piece of your own otherworldly, starry sky. Starry sky creates a relaxing atmosphere in a living room, it recalls dreams when placed above the bed in the bedroom, enchants hotel guests and brings clients to the restaurant. 

Starry sky is a set of optical fibres with a light generator and one end emitting light (single coloured, multicoloured or with a flickering effect).

As one of leading manufacturers of starry sky we offer you branded sets designed for any surface on the ceiling. Tell us the surface of the ceiling, and we will do the rest for you. We will select the number and diameter of fibres and an appropriate light generator, which gives the fibres various lighting effects.

If you dream of your own sky on the ceiling, use a configurator and create your own set, and we will send you a non-binding valuation.


Make Up Stand - Make Up Mirror

Make up mirror is a key attribute of every professional make up artist. As a make up artist, you probably know how important it is to have proper mirror lighting. It guarantees comfort of work and perfect make up. You undeniably need a mirror that you can move anywhere.

Portable make up mirrors with LED lights are designed to facilitate everyday work of a make up artist. High quality LED lightbulbs surround the face of your model with light. One such LED lightbulb uses 3 watts. Apart from that, it does not heat up. You will not suffer from light emitted by a lightbulb and, consequently, melted makeup. LED lightbulbs in the Stand mirror will be placed a little above the glass pane to illuminate the face perfectly. We also make sure that you receive a high-quality brand product which will be a prestigious element of your equipment.

Make Up Stand is portable, so that you can take it with you to the place in which you are working in a given moment. Thanks to a solid base, it may be set up comfortably and safely. However, you can unscrew it and hang the mirror on a wall, which makes the product incredibly functional.



Make Up Stands

Modern and functional Soled make up stand is the newest product designed for make up artists, stylists, hairdressers, and beauty bloggers. Make up stand will prove useful in beauty salons, hair salons and during any types of fashion events. It is a piece of furniture indispensable in styling and make up schools.

Not only makes it an electrifying impression thanks to its minimalistic but elegant, white design, it is also very functional. A professional make up stand requires a large mirror with lighting which facilitates the process of doing make up, a comfortable countertop and a drawer to keep the workplace in order, as well as two double sockets to connect, e.g. a straightener. We have considered all these aspects during designing a complete and comfortable Hollywood Make Up Stand – the only make up stand in Poland with energy efficient neutral-coloured LED lighting(4500K).

Make up stand is immediately available!



Fibre Optic Panel

Star ceiling panel, in other words, fibre optic panel, is a starry sky placed in a stylish panel. A finished panel with optic fibres creates in your interiors an effect of illuminated constellation of stars without the necessity of renovation, lowering the ceiling and time-consuming assembly of single optic fibres.

We will produce for you a ceiling panel in any colour, or we will cover it with a picture chosen by you. You will choose the colour of the light: one colour (e.g. white) or a multicoloured RGB version. Then you will be able to choose the colour of shining stars using a remote. Additionally, you can create a glow of light around the starry panel by means of the same remote. We will install in a fibre optic panel any starry sky configuration. We will manufacture a panel with any number of fibres, various diameters, and with a chosen light generator.

If you do not have time for the assembly of optic fibres, and you do not want to employ a repair team and make an additional renovation – choose a fibre optic panel. Starry sky on a panel will shine after mounting it to your ceiling in a quick and easy way.



LED iluminated kitchen

Effective lighting of a kitchen worktop will help you to prepare delicious meals more safely and comfortably. Currently, energy efficient LED lighting is increasingly more frequently used for lighting the kitchen. You can create your own set: solder, choose appropriate diodes, power supply and fibres, cutting aluminium. You can do it, but what for? We can do it for you. We will create an individual LED set. You will receive under-cabinet LED lighting to the size of your kitchen worktop. We will consider all details: cabinet dimensions, the possibility of interference in the piece of furniture and the style of your kitchen arrangement. 

You can assemble countertop LED lighting in finished kitchen cabinets as well as the ones which have not been finished by a carpenter. We recommend 3 fixture models to choose from: standard and angular ones. The decision, whether to illuminate the kitchen by using a LED band that is warm white or cold white, is also up to you.



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About the company

SOLED - Arranging light

In the beginning was the light. Then Edison patented a lightbulb (although he was not the first inventor). And in the end, there was SOLED. And they decided to change the vision of lighting in your house.

Because the light not only illuminates the darkness of the interior. The lighting shows beauty, hides any imperfections, emphasises advantages, stimulates action, calms down, builds romantic and intimate atmosphere, assists work, relaxes, decorates, arranges, and enlarges the space. Each colour of the light has different influence on the organism. And colourful play of lights in residential interiors has become possible thanks to LED lighting and optic fibres. Polish people love it and want to have it in their own homes.

But that is not all. SOLED decided to show that LED is not only about bands and lightbulbs. They did not want to be a typical lighting company. SOLED arranges light. From the beginning, they combined lighting with glass, aluminium, wood, and optic fibres, creating products for lighting arrangements. This is how LED shelves, kitchen panels, starry sky or fibre chandeliers were created. We are a European producer, and we will eagerly undertake cooperation with other companies.


SOLED company is characterised above all by::

  • youthful attitude resulting in fresh perspective on modern lighting
  • creativity, thanks to which we create original ideas, inspirations, and products
  • flexibility, thanks to which we are able to meet requirements of atypical projects (unusual solutions, adjustment to the interior arrangement, custom production)
  • prestige, because we care about the high quality of offered products



Illuminated lightbulb is a symbol of new ideas and exceptional concepts, that is why the mission of SOLED company is to create innovative products based on energy efficient lighting and raise the awareness that the light is a significant element of interior arrangement.

SOLED aims at ensuring creative solutions which are not encountered on the lighting and home decoration market, selected products of high quality and, above all, it is based on individual approach. Thanks to consulting and personalised custom products which are ready for assembly, you do not need to be familiar with electronics and soldering. SOLED will do everything for you.

We are one of the largest producers of professional mirrors and lighting in Europe. We are looking for new distributors, maybe it is a chance for you?

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